Egypt Cairo football clashes leave at least 22 dead

“At the stadium piles of shoes left behind by the dead and wounded were a silent testament to a stampede. Zamalek fans claim the violence began when the authorities opened just one barbed wire gate to let them in.”

I am a huge football fan, but if there is one thing I am actually afraid of doing is attending a football game where people will riot. Especially in the middle east or in Africa due to how many riots break out and people getting killed I don’t think I would feel safe. In the article it explains how there is a history of tension and animosity between the security forces and hardcore football fans – many of whom were involved in the 2011 revolution. At one point more than 70 Egyptian fans were killed in a riot at a stadium in Port Said. Limits were placed on the number of people who were able to attend matches but those restrictions were lifted just weeks ago allowing such chaos to happen.

Many hardcore Egyptian football fans are usually deeply politicized, and it is said that hey played a big role in the overthrow of the former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Due to that history, many people believe police in Port Said stood by in revenge for the fans’ role in anti-Mubarak unrest which the police deny. Due to the deaths in Port Said, the restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend the game will be re-imposed.


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