Shiite Militia Drives Back Islamic State, but Divides Much of Iraq

“The militia had pushed the Islamic State back from key areas in a crucial battle. So last Monday, the Badr Organization convened in a mosque at Camp Ashraf, its base in Diyala, to celebrate its “liberation” of the province — and to serve notice that it was the vanguard force battling the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL”

The new government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which has promised to rule inclusively, has been under pressure to distance itself from retaliatory attacks against Sunnis by both Shiite and Kurdish militiamen. I believe this would be a good thing to do because the more someone plays the middle man the worse things become, to separate yourself from the problem will keep you at a neutral position and safe.

The Badr Organization’s leaders have affirmed that their fighters and other allied militias that have been organized under the banner of “popular mobilization” forces will be ready to advance to neighboring provinces and other Iraqi cities menaced by the Islamic State.

Mr. Ameri tells the people to praise Iraq instead of himself. He has reached out to Sunnis, pledging that Diyala would be a “safe area,” and responded to the accusations of atrocities by his fighters, warning that there would be consequences for abuses, including kidnappings and killings, explaining that he did not know how those things actually happened. He seems like he genuinely cares for the people and the problems that they are facing. He will not allow them to be mistreated or killed which will help gain his popularity among the people.


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