Behold, the Lebanese Kardashians

In this article, Mondanite which is Lebanon’s lifestyle and social magazine (compared to the one in the US) is deeming Alice, Nadine, and Farah Abdel Aziz the Kardashians of Lebanon. The reality TV show which will follow the sisters’ daily adventures is certain to be infused with plenty of drama, just as the actual Kardashians have their own reality show with drama galore, hopefully I can catch this show online or something.

One has to ask though, what makes the world so obsessed with the Kardashians? How can a place like Lebanon know so much about them when they are in America? What makes the Kardashian craze so international? Their E! reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s” averaged nearly 4.7 million total viewers, 14 percent more than last season and was the series’s highest-rated and most-watched season opener in history. It was also the network’s second most-watched telecast ever, only losing out to their last season finale. But the reality show is only a small part of the ever-expanding Kardashian empire. The two sisters Khloe and Kourtney have their own Miami-based spin-off series, they also earn big bucks endorsing a multitude of products from the weight loss pill QuickTrim to Famous Cupcakes. They have their very own Bebe clothing collection, shoe society ShoeDazzle and just announced their own clothing line (Kardashian Collection) As a bunch, the Kardashians are aggressive when it comes to business and getting things done with growing their empire and family name.

“There is something for everyone with this group. They are like a ‘Sex In The City’ reality show.  There is the pretty one that dates around, the loud one that married a NBA champion, and the smart one – with the not so smart baby daddy.” Something that apparently, not only American like to watch! it astonishes me that all over the world people love to watch reality t.v shows and drama that has nothing to do with them. These people become famous for being pretty, having drama and fights on television. These people who are famous nowadays don’t really seem to have that much talent, and yet our community makes them billionaires and watches their every move. I need someone to pay me to follow me around, dream job.

Kim Kardashian the most famous sister of them all, had the infamous sex tape with rapper Ray J which many people say was the reason for her fame. But what is clearly different about Kim Kardashian in particular is that, although her initial entry into the limelight and into the public eye stemmed from hanging out with party girl Paris Hilton, and having a sex tape fall into the hands of adult distribution company , and posing naked for Playboy, she is certainly no idiot. She was able to turn that disaster into an empire, taking her family name from the gutters into the limelight so much that women in the middle east wish to have a spin off and mimick/compare themselves to them. Its nuts. I’ll be watching though!


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