franca sozzani and johan lindeberg spotlight middle eastern women

In the project titled Women of Integrity it will include 16 women from 16 countries, including Elif Safak, a Turkish author; Princess Rym of Jordan, Shirin Neshat, an Iranian artist; Nadine Labaki, a Lebanese actress and director; Bahijia Jallal, a Moroccan cancer research executive; Dora Bouchoucha, a Tunisian film producer; and Hiam Abbass, a Palestinian actress. Photographer Johan Lindeberg and Vogue Italia’s Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani celebrated a group of inspiring women from around the globe in a black-and-white portraits. The series, which is showcased at Spring Studios, is meant to raise awareness about how women today have multiple important roles to play and are socially committed to fulfilling their duties to the community.

I think this is a very interesting concept and very inspiring. Black and white photos are by far my favorite and to capture ethnicity and roles in society through a black and white portrait is very intriguing. To see exoticism in a photo and the differences in apprearance from one country to another is astonishing, but one thing they all have in common is that they are women. I love that this is to celebrate inspiring women, which is excactly what we should be doing in this world. It reminds women It’s pretty amazing being a woman, you have all of the essentials for life within us. That we are a very nurturing force, and not only have the power to create life, but make an impact on the world. Being a woman is quite difficult task. But being a Woman is even harder one. Sometimes in the flow of our routine life we can forget about who we are and what we are. The modern world around seems to be ruled by men, and that’s why sometimes it seems we have to change the very our nature to win the race.

For most women entrepreneurs, the issue of confidence is something that is rarely confronted, yet it plays a major role in the level of success that is achieved within the first five years of launching a business. I believe this comes from the fact that women have always played the housewife role in society so breaking away from that is hard but it can be done! Women are just as smart as men, and I don’t mean to sound like a feminist, but the phrase “we can do anything they can do, better” was not made up for just no apparent reason. So its sad when you hear a woman say that she often found herself not pursuing certain opportunities because she believed she would not be taken seriously as a male executive would have been. As women we must surround ourselves with other strong women who would encourage us during the most frustrating moments and tribulations of our lives. It’s good to have a few friends on speed dial, who remind you of who you am, the importance of what you are doing, and most importantly, who is depending on you to get things done. It works everytime.


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