Angelina Jolie: World powers just ‘standing by’ while Syrian war displaces millions

Angelina Jolie berated the world powers today for “standing by” while the four-year civil war continues to rage in Syria forcing millions of refugees out of their homes. Her quote that it was “sickening” to witness “thousands of refugees drowning on the doorstep of the world’s wealthiest continent” struck a cord with me. Many people would argue that the United States puts itself in the business of other countries too much but when something that violates basic human rights needs, I believe that we are obligated to help in any way that we can. This reminds me of the Holocaust and how people idly stood by and allowed a genocide of a race to happen right before our eyes. Therefore when Jolie said the UN had an obligation not to stand by when a sovereign country no longer is able to protect its own people, I could not agree more. Why are the Syrian people not worth saving? The appeal of Ms Jolie to the Security Council to overcome its divisions on Syria were surely sincere but may have little practical effect.  There have been serial attempts to pass resolutions to address the crisis in the country, including an effort to refer it to the International Criminal Court, but they have each time withered because of the opposition of Russia and China, who remain allied with Damascus.


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