Celebrities Snap Selfies In Bed For Latest Campaign To Help Syrian Children


Okay, let me start off by saying this is the most dumbest thing I have ever heard, ever. The #WakeUpCall campaign, launched by UNICEF UK ambassador Jemima Khan, is spreading through social media and is supposed to remind the world of Syrian children impacted by war. To promote the awareness campaign, celebrities that include Paris Hilton, Liam Neeson, Stephen Fry and Naomi Campbell; have posted images of themselves in bed right after waking up. Through their tweets and Instagram posts, many of them have challenged other big name entertainers and influencers to do the same.

According to the global humanitarian organization, Syria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child. About 6.5 million Syrian children have suffered because of the civil conflict, with roughly 2.8 million no longer able to attend school and 1 million displaced into nearby nations due to war. So what I’m trying to figure out, is how is a bunch of selfies going to help these kids? Yes, they caption their pictures with the texting number to donate money to help support these kids, but are any of these celebrities actually donating money themselves? They have more money than us! & yet they are taking pictures in bed thinking that a simple photo will help save the world. Wrong. Actions do. People just want to follow them on social media and look at their pictures, I don’t feel like people will actually take the initiative to text and donate money, I just don’t. I want to know what else those celebrities are doing to try and help the efforts in Syria. I don”t think its okay to attach your name to a cause (being a celebrity) if you aren’t actively doing something to spark a real beneficial change. What in the world does waking up in the morning even have to do with these children in Syria!?!? I get the Idea “Wake up” as a play on words to a “wake up call” on what’s happening in Syria but honestly, come on!


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