Christians in the Middle East

Across the Middle East, it is the same narrative of thousands of Christians fleeing their homelands. Almost half of Iraq’s Christians have left since the 2003 invasion, leaving about four hundred thousand, or scarcely three percent of the current population. This is extremely scary. I would not feel safe whatsoever with all the killings going on in the Middle East for simply being Christian or a different faith apart from Islam. The reality is that the Christian population in the Middle East is shrinking at a faster rate than ever before, through emigration and wholesale killings, as well as a lower birthrate than those of Muslim faith.

To live in a world where practicing your religion can get you killed, shows how truly dangerous this world is and the fact that many surrounding countries like Turkey are doing nothing about it makes me feel like another genocide is on our hands and the world is standing by, allowing this to happen. The condition of the Christians will only worsen further with no country standing by them. I think this article is does a good job of reflecting on the sad reality of the state of the Christians in Syria.


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