George W. Bush Argues Against the Lifting of Iran Sanctions

Former President George W. Bush said the United States must show that it can follow through on its promises, and argued against the lifting of sanctions against Iran during a meeting with some hundreds of Jewish donors. He spoke to the 700 donors attending a Republican Jewish Coalition spring meeting that he would not criticize President Obama, whose aim to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State he actually agreed and applauded. This didn’t stop him from critiquing the new President however.

Bush voiced skepticism about the Obama administration’s pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran. Although he had begun the diplomatic effort to press Iran to give up its nuclear program, Bush questioned whether it was wise to lift sanctions against Tehran when the Islamic government seemed to be caving in, and suggested that the United States risked losing leverage if it did so. Bush’s war in Iraq eventually became deeply unpopular, fueled President Obama’s 2008 candidacy and, according to his critics, prompted much of the chaos in the Middle East. But in his remarks, Mr. Bush appeared to remain convinced of the correctness of his approach and of the resoluteness he projected to the world.

I personally, did not agree with Bush’s tactics while he was in office, I think he did a horrible job. People who complain now about how “terrible” President Obama has been, or that he’s the “worst president in history,” clearly have a messed up memory of the Bush presidency. Has Obama been perfect?  Not at all.  Part of that is his fault, part of that is the unrealistic expectations many of us had for him when he was elected in 2008. We can’t forget about the Iraq War and all of the weapons of mass destruction that we didn’t find.  It’s okay though, right?  Only 4,487 Americans died fighting a war for reasons we still may never really know. Then there is Afghanistan, the war we started to get Osama bin Ladin except that only Bush never got him.  President Obama did though.


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