Iraq’s first national park approved

Although Iraq is going through a dark time, their first national park has been approved which will help efforts towards protecting the historic Mesopotamian marshes in the south of the country for future generations. Azzam Alwash, an Iraqi engineer and environmentalist states, “We’ve worked for more than ten years to make this happen – and we still have a lot of work ahead – but we now celebrate an important milestone in the history of Iraq,” I was unaware honestly that people were even making efforts for things like a national park in Iraq with all the ongoing violence and instability in the country. “By setting the national park, Iraq commits to dedicate a portion of its increasingly limited water resources to keeping the marshes alive and thriving. Furthermore, it is a good argument in negotiations with Turkey to dedicate special spring releases for environmental preservation,” said Alwash. I think it is a wonderful idea to try and restore and maintain a place with such great history. The article explains that this area is the cradle of civilization, where agriculture started, where writing was invented and the birthplace of Abraham. To not preserve it would be wrong.


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