ISIS Unites the World

ISIS has made a name for itself by killing just about everyone: American NGO workers, Japanese journalists, members of minority communities in Iraq. As an organization that targets nearly everybody, ISIS should not be surprised that it has had this unifying effect on the world. There are some voices urging the United States to team up with Syria and help fight ISIS attempts. I would not be surprised if in the next couple of months, some countries come together and start a war if the killings become worse. The extremist group has begun to kill people from other countries, they’re basically asking for a full out war. The fact that 28 Ethiopians were recently killed by ISIS because they were Christian is not only alarming but I’m surprised that it hasn’t caused more of an outrage in my country. Many Americans are so upset over this and want something to be done about it however. There have been many ceremonies held and money raised for the families of those 28 men who were killed. It’s sad that they are so ruthless with their killings and even more sad that they record it for those families to watch. I personally would not be against a war with them, I would encourage it. It’s the only way things will end.


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