Israeli Police Officers Kill Two Palestinian Men

In the article, Palestinians who appear to be acting alone and without the backing or instruction of any organization have attempted to harm two police officers. They have carried out several deadly attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank using vehicles, knives and guns in recent months.

The first shooting took place at the Zayyim checkpoint on the outskirts of East Jerusalem late Friday. A man identified as Ali Abu Ghannam, 17, ran toward officers with a knife at another checkpoint, then ran to the Zayyim checkpoint and threatened officers there. They shot him when he tried to stab them.

The second shooting occurred on Saturday near the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron, a very holy site for Jews, Muslims and Christians. a 20-year-old Palestinian man was shot by one officer after he stabbed another officer, 19, in the head and chest. The wounded officer was treated at a hospital.

The Cave of the Patriarchs has been a flash point between Palestinians and Israelis, particularly since from the early 90’s, when an American-born Jewish settler opened fire inside the mosque at the site, killing 29 Palestinian worshipers. But it was not immediately clear if Saturday’s attack was religiously motivated. It was also unclear if the attacks were related. Israeli military officials have in recent months eased movement for Palestinians, and it made it somewhat easier to obtain permits to work in Israel.

After Mr. Abu Ghannam’s death, Palestinian youths demonstrated at the Zayyim checkpoint on Saturday, hurling rocks at Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets. It has been reported that a relative said the family was refusing to receive the body because Israeli authorities had limited the number of people allowed at the burial. The measure is often imposed by Israel at the funerals of Palestinian militants in Jerusalem and when security officials fear that a funeral will turn rowdy or violent. That is simply crazy to me that the family feels as if they cannot have a proper burial for their family member because they are afraid of what will happen at the funeral amongst the people. Another thing that struck me is that Palestinian medics who arrived later to the shootings said it was not clear what had taken place. Did the man really charge at the officer or was that false? This reminds me of the cases going on here in the United States between police officers and the people of the community simply not getting along. The uneasy feeling between the people and the officials of the town should not be a negative or scary outlook. I think that we are supposed to believe those people will protect us, not kill us and that we should not attack or try to kill them either. The situations that have been showing police brutality all over the world is very frightening. I thought it was only going on in the United States where there was police brutality or an unjust system between whites and blacks but apparently this is going on across the world too.


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