Middle East Sees Religious, Ethnic Hatred as Greatest Global Threat


As the world mobilizes to fight the Islamic State group, people see religious and ethnic hatred as the top threat facing the world today. Americans and Europeans also said inequality was the biggest threat. Barack Obama insists there will be no U.S. boots on the ground to defeat the group, instead hoping regional countries and fighters that also have felt the impact of the conflict will carry out those operations but I disagree. I think that if things worsen that the United States should definitely intervene and do something to stop the terrorist groups. U.S.-led air strikes have killed more than 6,000 ISIS fighters. But those losses have been more than made good by the stream of 1,000 foreign fighters who are estimated to join ISIS every month. I think more needs to be done! ISIS is not going to run out of cannon fodder anytime soon, and the U.S. approach, limited to air strikes, has shown scant ability to dislodge ISIS from its strongholds, especially in Syria, where ISIS has expanded its zone of control over the past six months. For air strikes to work, they need to be launched in coordination with an effective ground force, but that has been mostly lacking.


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