Propaganda photo shows sleeping newborn baby lying by a gun, hand grenade and birth certificate

An Isis propaganda photo of a newborn baby lying beside a gun and a birth certificate, intended to provoke shock and fear, has begun to fly through the web. The unexpected image of the infant appearing to sleep next to a grenade and a handgun was shared by Abu Ward Al-Raqqawi, an anti-Isis activist in Syria, who has said it was initially taken by a member of the extremist group which wishes to establish a full Islamic State across swathes of Iraq and Syria.

The photo was captioned with the warning, “This child will be risk to you, not just to us.” suggesting it is an attempt by the extremists and their attempts to obtain younger members in their ranks from the time they are born. This to me, is sick!! To use poor innocent babies as a tactic to put fear into your enemies is sad. These children will not have a choice, they will be born into this world and taught to hate and kill at such a very young age. It’s honestly one of the sickest propaganda movements I have seen in a very long time. Late last year, the group used its official media outlets to circulate videos and images claiming to reveal like in the “School of Jihad”, where children at the age of 10 are trained to use AK47 rifles and are introduced to the horrors of war.

By showing the birth certificate, and the fact that the group are going to  start off their training to other from babies, I think ISIS are indicating they will be around for a long time.


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