Saudi Arabia bans domestic abuse

This article was short and sweet but the ban on all kinds of abuse including physical, psychological and sexual, as well as the threat of abuse gives me great hope. Those found guilty could face up to a year in prison or fines of up to SR 50,000. I have stated in an earlier blog that my aunt lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband and children and I have always worried about her well being and safety. She lives in an area where women have been killed for driving alone and beaten for simple reasons. I have always told her she should move and she should have never moved there in the first place but her husband got a good job there and so they decided to move from Ethiopia to Saudi Arabia about 7 years ago.

Spokesperson Neil Durkin from Amnesty International stated that, “The law falls far short of international standards in protecting victims of domestic abuse, who are disproportionately women and girls, from all forms of discrimination and violence,”  but that, “It is at least a first step in tackling the issue of domestic violence in the Kingdom.”


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