Saudi Arabia’s First ‘Halal’ Sex Shop In Mecca Hopes To Challenge Stereotypes About Muslim Women

I cannot believe I have even found an article that states something like this. First, Mecca is a holy city and the thought of a sex shop being opened there blows my mind. The Middle East is known to be conservative, the women barely allowed to show skin, and yet a sex shop is in the works? How! The owner states “It is not true that Muslim women are seen only in the kitchen and seen only wearing the veil. We should also highlight love.” Not sure where he gets that from but he claims that the shop will be fully Sharia compliant and that his plans have been approved by a Saudi Arabian cleric. The shop includes products such as scented candles, creams and oils. The Gulf Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is governed by Sharia Law and is deeply conservative in its treatment of women. Which is shocking to me that this has been approved. Despite these restrictions, the country is home to thousands of lingerie shops, which until 2012 were staffed exclusively by men. This is news to me! I didn’t even know that this was true, I had to look up and see if there was actual sex shops and there is, so maybe they aren’t so behind like the Western world likes to think?


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