Why Are Women Joining the Islamic State?


This is a very interesting article because for some women in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State offers something no one else has given them before: power. I found this very interesting but honestly, not surprising. In a place where women really have no say or rights in the same way as a man, gaining power is probably something so addictive, no matter how evil. Female insurgents have begun to play a huge roles in suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks in the Middle East. The Islamic State has actively sought to entice women into joining its ranks.  The group deems single women between the ages of 18 and 25 eligible to participate, providing a monthly salary of 25,000 Syrian pounds — the equivalent of about $140, as of this writing — as an incentive. This makes it even more of a glorified reason to join. To pay women to join their fight and to pay them is basically the best thing a woman in the middle east could do, especially if they are afraid of being killed as well. Those who don’t wish to kill or do things of the sort tend to perform tasks such as searching people who pass through checkpoints, in part to expose men who have disguised themselves as women to avoid recruitment. They also serve as the Islamic State’s police, ensuring that female community members in seized areas dress appropriately and refrain from going out in public without male accompaniment. Without the help of women at the local level, the Islamic State would not have been able to establish its presence in the Middle East so rapidly and effectively.


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