Why ISIS exists


ISIS is the latest and most horrifying modern terrorist group that has plagued the region in recent years. They have 20,000 to 30,00 combatants and recruits streaming in from all over the globe, which itself is terrifying due to how fast they have grown and have gotten followers from all over. The article states that the media often depicts ISIS recruits as lost souls in search of a cause or suffering from mental illness. That may be true in some cases. But these explanations are not sufficient to explain ISIS’s resilience and recruitment capabilities. But just like the article argues, no organization, especially a terrorist one, can survive without support. I believe that this is completely true. So to me, it is really scary to think about how many people are actually willing to fight for this cause. Saudi Arabia beheads over 100 people per year, and its fellow Gulf States defy any semblance of respect for basic human rights. This anger isn’t going away anytime soon. But unless we begin an honest effort to address it, ISIS — and movements we cannot predict, will continue to use these issues as ammunition. People are easily persuaded and I feel like as things continue to worsen in the Middle East, people will eventually give in and join the terrorist group simply because they are afraid of getting killed and want to survive. People wonder why so many people did what they did in Nazi Germany, well it was to survive, even if they didn’t agree with what was happening, and that is the scariest thing of all of this. People doing something that is so horrific, to keep themselves alive but killing thousands, millions even in the process.


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